AB Inbev terrace integrations

Victoria beer terrace integrations

Our team had the opportunity to work for the Victoria beerbrand on the design, production, and building of custom terrace integrations for several AB INBEV horeca partners in Belgium. Including Tour & Taxis Gare Maritime, De Vischmijn, Den Tripel, De Zure, and Tio.

Our pièce de résistance was the Victoria terrace at Gare Maritime in Brussels. We had to design and create unique custom build elements to suit the specific needs and requirements of the venue. A custom Victoria container bar including tap-installation, cooling, lights and backbar was prebuild and installed on site with care. We worked closely with the AB INBEV team and their horeca partners to ensure that the result of these installations met their expectations and exceeded them, incorporating Victoria’s signature style into the terrace design.

The end result was a stunning and functional terrace that provided a comfortable and inviting space for guests to relax and enjoy their Victoria beer.

Make sure to stop by one of these terraces for a delicious Victoria beer. Cheers!