Cîroc flagship & NYE event at Chin Chin Club

Cîroc flagship & NYE event at Chin Chin Club

Cîroc Vodka believes a cause for celebration can be found anytime, anywhere.

Unapologetically luxurious, aspirational, yet inviting; serious in the making, but playful in the living. Cîroc is always at the forefront of culture.

To claim this believe, Cîroc has partnered with the renowned Amsterdam based boutique club Chin Chin Club as Cîroc flagship hotspot in the capital of The Netherlands.

Together with Chin Chin Club’s team we elevate every event, adding a splash of sophistication with the Cîroc brand.

To kick-off the renewed partnership, we installed permanent visibility items that can be used for every Cîroc event and puts the brand in the middle of every Celebration moment.
As cherry on the cocktail, Cîroc sponsored the NYE 2023 party at Chin Chin.

As agency we were tasked to present an overall partnership plan, coördinate & produce all visibility items and ensure the Cîroc NYE event was successfully executed.

For the NYE evening and to leverage social engagement a unique co-branded design identity was designed, installation of temporary visibility for this occasion was put into place & we added extra Celebration elements, like limited edition bottles & NYE 2024 dummy bottles to add a splash of Cîroc sophistication.

To capture the moment, a unique PR Influencer plan was build and photo-/videography was put into place to capture content of  all Cîroc lovers, halo’ing our successful partnership on social channels.