Don Julio at KaDeWe

Don Julio tequila premium pop-up at KaDeWe Berlin

Tasked with the challenge of creating a setting befitting the prestige of the Don Julio & Don Julio 1942 brands, our creative design and production team embarked on a journey of inspiration and innovation.

Drawing upon the rich Mexican heritage and craftsmanship synonymous with the brand, our team sought to encapsulate the essence of Don Julio’s ‘Por Amor’ campaign within the confines of KaDeWe’s esteemed halls.

The result: As luxury shoppers wander through the halls of KaDeWe, they were drawn to the mesmerizing allure of the Don Julio premium brand setting resulting in a significant sales boost on the full portfolio during our presence. Leading to an extended placement of our pop-up setting thanks to great initial results.

This setting was also part of a larger Berlin take-over campaign where Don Julio 1942 safes were placed around the city in a consumer activation program.