Don Julio Por Amor x Purple Disco Machine at Verbier

Por Amor presents Purple Disco Machine x Dam Swindle x Adam Nova at Verbier

Por Amor’ is Don Julio’s appeal to the heart and soul of modern Mexico. A tribute to those who fully embrace their passion and creativity, and a celebration of those who follow their hearts to share their craft and talent just like Don Julio Gonzalez did.

Welcome to luxurious Swiss ski resort Verbier, where Don Julio hosted an epic party against the breathtaking backdrop of the Swiss Alps, bringing together a high-profile lineup for an exclusive ‘Por Amor’ party.

An exclusive Mixmag DJ set production & content shooting, a Don Julio booth carved out of ice at 2200 meters above sea level, Purple Disco Machine behind the decks, a Don Julio Paloma bar with mixologists and to top it all off an exclusive afterparty in Taratata with Dam Swindle & PDM.

Supporting PR agency The Romans & the Don Julio Brand team we took care of multiple aspects of the event as all-round production & event agency : DJ Bookings, flights, accommodation & ground transport,Palomas with purple PDM salt rim, custom engraved Don Julio 1942 bottles for influencers & artists, branded Don Julio production materials, logistics,…