Lindemans Exhibition booth

Lindemans Exhibition booth & customer events at horeca fairs

In the world of trade shows where brands fight for attention, Lindemans stands apart with an experiential trade show booth in full Art Nouveau style that captivates the senses and leaves a lasting impression on all who encounters it.

Our collaboration with Lindemans was a multifaceted project over the years involving design, production, and seamless executions.

We were tasked with creating an exhibition booth at Horeca Expo in 2021 and orchestrating an exclusive Soirée Lindemans customer event and have been revamping the trade show executions ever since.

Aligned with the latest Lindemans brand campaigns & innovation launches, Lindemans always surprises: A classy Burlesque dancer popping out of the backbar, a Lindemans magician creating curiosity, wonder & fascination.. You always find something that surprises at the Lindemans stand.

Beyond the expo, we extended our expertise to curate and execute the Soirée Lindemans events. This exclusive customer event was a celebration of Lindemans’ legacy and featured a fantastic ambiance where attendees could savor Lindemans’ exceptional beers and cocktails in style.
From concept to execution, we ensured every detail reflected Lindemans’ brand ethos, creating an unforgettable soirée that left a lasting impression.