Love Tomorrow at Tomorrowland Winter

Love Tomorrow at Tomorrowland Winter

At Tomorrowland Winter, Love Tomorrow aims to create awareness and influence festival visitors to live more sustainably by providing the most sustainable festival experience possible.

We were tasked to come up with an overarching concept to encourage visitors to become part of The Love Tomorrow community.

At the festival site our Love Tomorrow booth welcomed guests and encouraged them to ‘Take the pledge” and join the Love Tomorrow community. As a reward & to enhance social amplification, we build a custom-made interactive animation where you visually became part of LOVE TOMORROW. A great selfie moment to post our sustainability message on socials creating a halo-effect of our activation.

As an extra reward, 1 euro was donated to a local Alpe d’Huez foundation for every pledge received

Our team did not only encourage the People of Tomorrow to pledge, but they also: Explained the different ideas & initiatives behind Love Tomorrow – gathered data to build the online LT community – rewarded visitors who demonstrated they arrived at Alpe d’Huez in a sustainable manner with sustainable goodies- created traffic to the festival booth.

Different communication touchpoints were created, online and at the home of TML Winter (Alpe d’Huez): From to the road to the festival, from the mountain stages to the festival site, you could find sustainability communications & activations on all touchpoints.

Love Tomorrow is an independent initiative to make a positive impact created in the spirit of Tomorrowland’s People of Tomorrow. Love Tomorrow believes in bringing together people who want to make this world a sustainable place and create an unstoppable positive power for change.

Love tomorrow. Do something good today.